The Bachelorette, season 11. Interest me? And if so, why?

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season (Season 11) has interested me for sure mainly cause she’s the first female Aspie who stars as the lead on the Bachelorette. And because she brought Nick onto it who’s also an Aspie she naturally has GREAT chemistry with. Neither whom anyone suggests or states they have ASD or Asperger’s. However, I Read More

Pretty obvious Aspies on the Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons thus far

Currently, Kaitlyn is the star in the current bachelorette bachelor show airing its 20th season but, only it’s 11th Bachelorette season. To be honest. I like Kaitlyn however, surprisingly thus far her season is the least family friendly season I’ve ever seen. So, parents please be aware of this. Every week thus far except for Read More

An Aspie Worth Billions

If you haven’t seen the Social Network movie yet. You probably should. Especially if you need to see that Aspies can sometimes be among the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. Mark Zuckerberg I promise you ( Even if not diagnosed) is an aspie. You may be able to see the movie via Read More