Temple Grandin’s ASD blog

If classic could define any public speaker in the ASD world,  do you know who that would be?  Temple Grandin would without question be at the top of that classics list. She is the most sought after ASD speaker.  And she very possibly may currently have the most best selling books out of any diagnosed Read More

ANCA/ Naturally Autistics Mission Statement

I don’t know one, or of one ASD person alive, who isn’t seriously depressed and or in major denial of their diagnosis. Who wouldn’t appreciate this organization. Try hard to not stray off to other pages on this website. And get side tracked. Plus, don’t let other organizations pages like on Autism Speaks websites distract Read More

GRASP’s Mission, Vision, and Approach

Autism Speaks supports this organization. It is run mainly buy ASD adults. If your in one of there programs ( mostly of which are for teens and up on the spectrum) for those with ASD you need a diagnosis or serious interest in obtaining one. But, it helps people with ASD (diagnosed or not) and Read More

Autism Speaks Mission and Values

This organization many ASD adults, and some non autistic adults seriously don’t support. The same audience wants Autism awareness month taken out, to put Autism acceptance in it’s place. But more about all that later this week. http://www.autism-society.org/about-the-autism-society/guiding-principles/mission-and-vision/ Select values under the mission on the right of the screen. After reading the mission. Notice the Read More

What an ideal cure WOULD do

   Right now an ASD cure is at best a RECOVERED state, meaning the individual on the spectrum would have less sensory issues (at best), a different and additional more NT way of thinking (CBT), a deep understanding and compliance of proper behavior, and etiquette ABA. And a sufficient variety of foods to eat from Read More

What do cures NOT do

An autism cure WON’T solve  sensory problems. (Possibly) auditory processing. It may/ may not effect executive functioning skills.  Aggressiveness from ADHD  language based LD’s  Some energy/ sleeping disorders And more.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

Conflicting interests, and changing times

If one organizations goal is to make individuals on the spectrum able to seam more normal. Or to make them as such. And another’s is to celebrate the unique characteristics, of those on the spectrum. There morals clash and therefore obviously they may be unable to help one another much, if at all. However, one Read More

ASD Organizations- Do they work together?

And does your choice change as growth occurs in you/ a loved one? And what organizations work together? And which don’t? And why? Indirectly most if not all organizations do, buy at least either supporting the same or similar need if it’s a need that is too overwhelming for only one organization. And or buy Read More

Different groups, different mission statements improved

The mission statement and values of any organization are key to understand prior to supporting any  organization.  Financially or otherwise. Therefore, every effective and strongly built organization needs a strong mission statement and values. If an organization is large enough (Regardless of financial status sometimes) a board of directors is in place that direct there Read More


Do you have ANY type of handicap or disability? If you do, no matter what type it is. There’s a decent to excellent chance some want to hear it. Even if it it doesn’t seam inspiring.  Here are some different ways to share it. Some are free. And others aren’t.  1.  Now if you have Read More

ReelAbilities Shorts NYC 2015

For new reader’s. I have posted a number of other ReelAbilities posts already if your lost. Please read some of them first. The ReelAbilities Film Festival has short or briefer films two  Some prior to a longer movie. Others, put together in one sitting. Here are the ones I saw. Again, if I underlined it- Read More

Autism Awareness Song

This Autism Awareness Song is my favorite, and the only one that wasn’t negative, or sales oriented. And the only one I felt resonated with me, on utube ( that weren’t also one or more of the prior things I just mentioned.). This excludes comparison with the other songs I have already shared via this Read More