Autism’s Got Talent in England, 2015

The new performing line up for 2016’s Autism’s Got Talent ( Saturday May 5th   At the major,   Performance Arts theater in England, has been announced).  Have you seen clips of some of the performances from last years event? There on utube, however, I don’t recommend you watch them all. Sadly, some weren’t well Read More

My Life lately

Why have I posted so little lately?   My health got to levels many of you would call scary awful all of a sudden in JAN. And yes, I was inpatient. Since the beginning of Feb. approximately,  I’ve been trying to heal and reverse my health status, as quickly and in the healthiest manner possible. Read More

ReelAbilities movies and talks in NYC – I saw, in 2015

Here’s what I’ve seen this yr thus far. I say thus far because next Monday night there is one more movie in the evening there offering at the JCC. Not sure if I’m attending it. But, if I do, I’ll let you all know. I underlined all of them that I disliked and will only Read More

Want to be part of something GREAT?

ReelAbilities is currently hosted in over a dozen cities throughout the U.S.. Films are submitted from around the world. Over 500 apparently were submitted for this years film line up. I wonder what didn’t make the cut, and why. Don’t you?  The. Films can be in ANY language (They,  or the film production team, just Read More

Whoa! Slow down

The last couple weeks I nearly daily have logged into this blogs admin dashboard. And the comments started to return. Sometimes more recently, at large numbers (for specific posts espescially). However, yesterday I received minus some spam about 130 (This is a little bit of an educated guess and you’ll see why shortly). However,  thus Read More

Online Learning for the Disabled

This post is only addressing disabled adults who are HF. And moderatly to mildly effected buy there disabilities. People with trully, limited intellectual capabilities aren’t covered. Unless, it just so happens to also apply to them.  We all know how convenient online education is. But, do we see clearly some great benifits it has for Read More