My Healthy Living blog

   After seeing how much healthy living content I can easily produce for y’all from partially free sources. And have seen how many online, temporarily, “free conferences”,  I can share with all of you. Not to mention, how much these topics distract me from this blog, my other blogs topics, and my books. I decided Read More

Holiday Appreciation

Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate that, Happy Holidays to the rest of you! I hope you all appreciate the holidays and family time. But also, the NT’s recognize any special stress any of you especially have or could get during the holidays. And treat you right and accordingly based off any differences you Read More

A Positive, Aspie book, series recommendation

  Take a look at this, for the cheapest prices of up to 4 books and get them before numerous others. All written by someone who knows her stuff both personally and professionally. Click here The authors online bookstore  to atleast check them out. To see them all, you may need to click on pg 2/3, on the Read More

A female psychologist, Aspie, & Author!

  Do you know ANY aspie who is a female psychologist, who’s first book became a bestseller within it’s first week sold, and is now going to soon have 4 books out in atleast 7 languages? The best seller is I Am Aspiengirl, and I must say, it’s great for girls who are HF, and Read More

In the US, the ABLE ACT

Important UPDATE- President Obama signed this! Hurray! It’s about time quality of life is more supported for the disabled. Isn’t it?!  The Autism Society, sent me this to my e-mail today. It’s about a new ACT called the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act or (ABLE).  However, it will help ALL disabled people and there Read More

Stress Relief for parents with Sp. Needs kids.

You might know Julie Morrison as a mom and World wide famous nutritionist, who now trains health professionals in how to to guide their clients/ patients towards the right nutritional choices. Many of whom have challenging special needs, like ASD, ADHD, and skitzophrenia. I mention her a bit on my sensory solutions 1 blog.   Read More

Origins from

Origins is a documentary from that I’ve previously posted about I think around a month ago. I also shared there was a free online conference connected too it. Among other things.  Well now, their replaying the movie all this week for free AND the Conference, as well.  There also setting the purchase prices back Read More

Depression, Bipolar, and Mental Health

Did you know, this month, is “Mental Illness” awareness month? If you didn’t, I completely understand .  It’s not like it’s a cheery topic or anything. Who really wants to focus on it, especially for an ENTIRE month. It seriously thus far, is my least fav. awareness month for this exact reason.  Don’t you HATE Read More

Want a quick break?

You ALL know you NEED one. And I promise this one is quick! Show your kids too.  Ever watch,  the internationally mega famous movie FROZEN? You haven’t!? I very highly recommend it.  Especially if, your young at heart like some of us Aspies, and ADHD’er’s are. Anyway, watch this winter wonderland video (Under 4 mins Read More

WorldWide Autism Exercise specialists

  David S. Geslak (otherwise known as Coach Dave)  is the founder and president of “Exercise Connection” in Chicago. “Coach Dave” has been working with children with special needs,  and autistics, for nearly 11 yrs.  His team at “Exercise Connection”, focus on exercise as a form of treatment for those with autism and other neurological Read More

Upcoming, Autism International TV Channel

    The Autism Channel Worldwide News Stream, subtitled in over 30 languages, debuts January 1, 2015. It is free, if and only if you buy a roku streaming stick. You don’t need a Roku box though, I don’t think.  The cheapest Roku stick I found on Amazon is 40$ with prime shipping.  I haven’t Read More

Reminder on Update pages

  Don’t forget to check my UPDATES page(s) sometimes.  Regularly if your forgetful. I have one on each blog. And just updated both of them tonight. Pages are on the top of each page of every blog, and are stagnant. They must be clicked on to see more then there title. Sometimes, you need to Read More

UK. Horror?

Do any of you get this current UK goverment support to live semi to completely independently?  If yes, How are you and your supports planning for it, for your survival?    Sadly, the UK, is in the start of there recession now.  Remember ours a couple years ago?  As your advocate, I’m going to do Read More

My purpose

Besides what I’ve addressed previously. Like my need to bring awareness, put my own slant to things, and give people with disabilities purpose. My job is also to address the uncomfortable. It’s to force the smaller details to be improved upon. And congratulate when they are. It’s NOT to always be your best friend. Or Read More

Am I Disabled? Or am I Learning Disabled more importantly?

   First off, this obviously isn’t the only post that will address this.  And I don’t care what country you live in. If your country serves the disabled enough, this is true. If it doesn’t. And your asking this, you need to move. This is THAT important.  And as some of you know, I don’t love the Read More

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