Housing Support levels in the US

   In NJ, DDD which stands for Division of Developmental Disabilities is in charge of qualifying those with developmental disabilities for housing, recreational services, and obtaining funding for those who need it.  Every US state, buy law, is mandated to have there equivalent office and connections to services and grants for this purpose.  How to Read More

Exceptional Parent Magazine, free content

Atleast one of the connections below, defiantly can directly help non parental/ caregivers learn about content that likely could be relevant to them. Especially if you live in the US.  Regardless of the fact, that this is from an Exceptional Parent Magazine. A magazine you can only buy via subscription and via there website. I Read More

Free, new, Special needs schools in the UK,

The Thames Valley School is one of three, FREE special needs schools in the UK, specifically for ASD students up to the age of 19 years old. The article mostly talks about these three Autistic schools, and how badly schools that cater specifically to this population are especially needed. However, they mention 1 special needs Read More

Acing your interview

     This app can really give the user a big advantage, who has the right knowledge, skill, /and sometimes experience. And unlike other interview prep apps this one according to my research is hands down the best one. Especially if your HF, with ASD, ADHD, or have a LD. It’s called “Interview” and has Read More

Remembering everyone’s birthday

  Do you have trouble remembering birthdays? If you have ADHD, you likely do. However, I’m sure, many others struggle with this too. Want some help showing you care? Buy actually, remembering everyone’s birthday? Then download this FREE app with minimal, adds. It doesn’t kill your phone or devices battery. And although it’s the most Read More

The U.S. Law, expectation, and individuals responsibility

So, these are federal rights and responsibilities of disabled adults/ those that care for them.  Unlike my previous responsibilities post. This one focuses more on the role of those that care for us. And it also briefly is here to help the individual acknowledge and hopefully understand the role(s) they or their support systems need Read More

U.S. Republicans view on the Affordable Care Act

Talking about health care insurance progress in the US, go here for a helpful brief news clip on why and which people (Some of whom are republicans) hate or disapprove of the Affordable Care Act, STILL.   How it’s improving Americans, and eventually the world indirectly. Although it doesn’t talk much about the last sentence. Read More

Why read my blogs?

I’m sure many of you know this. However, if your new. You may not. So, here it is.  I never claim to be an expert in all disabilities. However, here’s some of why,  1. Their are places to get support for most if not all of the disabilities addressed or that will be, on this Read More

Before Obama Care

Before the Affordable Care Act came into place. Tremendous amounts of adult Americans had 1 or more of the following. Oh buy the way, same for the kids too. Except kids received priority check ups at clinics/school if uninsured.  No health care for those who couldn’t afford any. Or who could possibly afford the cheapest Read More

U.S. Healthcare’ marketplace plans

As of January 1, 2014 finally ALL Americans MUST HAVE, or be obtaining health coverage. SOME, if not ALL plans, NO LONGER can deny you coverage because of ANY disability, or new expensive health condition you may now have.     But, this post isn’t about all the new US healthcare req. Thank Goodness! Right!?   Read More

ORIGINS, free UTUBE movie.

      Till Nov 22nd, the Movie Origins will be available. Coming from Dr. Pedram Shojai who is the Producer of ORIGINS, and the founder  of Well.Org . Despite it’s first 30 mins or so, which seams a lot like a nature show on the National Geographic Channel.  Where they show there trip threw the desolate Africa prairie. Read More

2014 Diabetes Summit, half OFF!

     Annually there is a free, online conference in May (that’s when this yrs was. Not sure if it’s always then) about Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Sure, many conferences touch upon certain aspects of diabetes throughout the year. But none, go into as much depth as this one. Especially for those with type 2/ Read More

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