Who would travel the country for you? –

(Continued from the title above) to provide you with top notch functional medicine knowledge regarding everyone’s digestion? Sean Croxton has, and starting on November 9th, will be hosting for 14 days a bran new, free, online video based conference, on intestinal permeability, digestion, and how to solve it! It’s called, the “Digestion Sessions”. And as Read More

UK, caregivers of the disabled

Did you know the UK has a FREE magazine just for caregivers of those with special needs? They do, it’s for the parents of children and teens with complex special needs. They even have a digital version! It’s called, “Connected.” Ever heard of it? I doubt I have, till recently. Want to see there just Read More

Marketplace, Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care health coverage

If medicare/medicaid won’t cover you. And you live in the USA. Regardless of disability, based only on income. Marketplace health care (Otherwise known as Obama Care) will now give every american who financially qualifies, health care. Some of whom, haven’t had health care for decades. Some, might have coverage but, it stinked too. Now, Obama Read More

Healing ADHD- Brain Scans

Healing ADD is another ADHD book favorite of mine, largely in part due to it’s very helpful, SPECT scan close ups of all ADHD types. Except for the last type of Anxious ADHD. Well simply, because at the time of publishing it that type didn’t exist. Another reason is the cover doesn’t say ADHD. I Read More

ADHD and substance abuse from Doctor Amen’s blog

Did you know over the counter pain meds can effect ADHD medication? Or how much more disservice you are doing to yourself buy drinking alcohol while having ADHD? Especially, if on certain medication. Have you seen doctor Amen’s blog yet? Here’s a URL to one of his entries on ADHD and Substance abuse. http://www.amenclinics.com/blog/truth-addadhd-substance-abuse/ Don’t Read More

The Online, free, Second Anxiety Summit

November 3rd-16th is the second, Anxiety Summit, Hosted buy Trudy Scott a food, mood expert, and nutritionist. Especially for people with Pyroluria, many auto-immunities, and NT struggles. This does NOT mean people with ADHD, ASD, or other neurological symptoms won’t benefit from some of these speakers however. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be Read More

Love Myself, Love My Live- Anti Anxiety, group program

Trudy Scott is a nutritionist who in her early days of training worked under nutritionist Julie Matthew’s. Julie Matthews is a writer, researcher, and now newly a head instructor in her bran new “Bio Individual Nutrition” training program, that she’s the founder of. Remember Julie, from my earlier month posts on my sensorysolutions1.com blog? Julie’s Read More

Parents of ADHD children need support too!

This group is the largest ADHD, caregiver support group on Daily Strength without a doubt. And if you have, or might have a child with ADHD, and it nearly has 2,400 group members in this one, can you afford to not try it out?. Especially when, it offers advice directly from doctors like Doctor Amen, Read More

Reel ABILITIES Film Creators and Volunteers NEEDED

The Disabilities Film Festival is often seeking new unique films, and shorts, for their upcoming festivals. Including now! A short, is usually a 3-20 minute film highligting at least 1 main character, with some kind of disability or handicap. If your a director, writer, or producer of such film or short. With your film not Read More

Realabilities Week long, Film Festival

Realabilities is a Film, art, and film shorts Festival, now in 13 US cities, that is meant to bring education and awareness about those living with a variety of different disabilities, and handicaping conditions. Currently, the largest, is in NYC and is a little over a week long. It does have sometime’s a couple of Read More

Invisible Disabilities Hotel Gala in Colorado

October 24 th is an Award Gala, that’s suppose to be a fragrance free event (Good luck with that part of it!). It’s at a nice hotel in Colorado for those with illness, diseases, MCS, and other people with Invisible Disabilities. This community now even has a facebook community now. Did you hear that? I Read More

Care Credit’s Dictionary!

Still not sure about Care Credit? Wanna learn more? Go to- https://www.carecredit.com/faqs/plan-provider-details/ Or call them (It’s for nearly everyone in the US) so why not? Right? If you have questions and have ASD/ social issues, I recommend first, call there user support line number. NOT there SALES number. https://www.carecredit.com/contactus/ Other helpful URLS on there site Read More

When Health Insurance doesn’t cover it.

Do you have health issues that aren’t being met because health insurance doesn’t cover it completely? Do you have medicare and a supplemental plan but, the out of pocket difference at time of service is just too much for you? Or in some cases, they don’t cover it at all! Many, if not most, adults Read More

Do you have ADHD? And if so, what types?

Do you want to use the BEST and most credible ADHD diagnostic tool (In a questionnaire format) available, to date? What if I told you it was free? You can access more info on the types, and sub types of ADHD, strong recommendations, and the questionnaire tool at the URL provided below. Do you know Read More

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