All Dogs Have What?!

    Did you know that dogs attention spans are tops 3 mins long?! They are. No joke. Have you ever noticed? If so, you can probably end that post title, right? Do you want to know my favourite ADHD book? Did you guess above, the right diagnosis this time? Good job! If you didn’t. Read More

All Cat’s Have What!?

    Do you know my top recommended, Aspie book of ALL Time?! The one I bring on dates so I can read it to the guy, or we read it together? Remember, I’ve read nearly 40 books on this topic alone. And I’m severely dyslexic. So, this is SAYING ALOT. It’s not written buy Read More

Sharing the ASD Brain Language

   Are you an aspie who wants to help others really get our language and way of life?  Do you realize how huge of a service you’d be providing to so many?  Or perhaps, your new to the idea, but are a a perfect candidate for this?  There are few, if any, other better ways Read More

World of Autism anyone?

The “World of Autism” FB community is my favorite, ASD Facebook group, and only ASD social group that I recommend. It is a Secret group though so, to get in I must add you. So, private message me off here ( Look on my page for the e-mail address) requesting to join and a little Read More

Online ASD adult communities are NOT.

  I’m typing this post merely as a warning or a heads up. Because, I’ve seen this more then I’d even like to say in groups I WON’t recommend. But, I may mention some of them. But, first.     Aspies are NOT cruel people. Aspies are among the kindest, bar none. Deep down.   Our Read More

Missing posts for September?

  GRR! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!       I just realized since I post so many public posts. My Word Press page for each month. Sometimes, if not always. Doesn’t show all the posts that month. (Another words, if I post very little, it will post everything.) Which would be fine, if page Read More

Transform Your Health Summit

The Transform Your Health Summit has just started, and ends on October 5 th. If you have missed some of the other free Summits, I’ve posted about.  Or you missed interviews in a Summit ( You may have signed up for) that cover things like intestinal permeability. And want to learn this via an interview Read More

Are you on a special ed committee, child study team, child social worker, parent, working in a school, or a caregiver role?

The ACN  (Attachment and Trama Network) Learning Center,  on September 30- October 10th is hosting the  “Educating Traumatized Children Summit”  online and temporarily for free. If you attend for the first time this year. You won’t be alone, since it will be my first Summit online specifically about this too. Although, I sadly don’t think I’ll have Read More

Hack My Brain originated from “Change My Brain”

“Hack My Brain”  First aired in Australia last fall on there ABC channel. There they called it,  ” Redesign My Brain”. It’s all about Neuro-plasticity, and you can learn about the Australian televised version, and development via short utube videos off there ABC subscription channel. Or here.      Both versions have 3 parts. Each an Read More

“Hack My Brain” is TONIGHT

Tonight at 8/ 7 central time, The Science Channel is airing “Hack My Brain”. It seams it will be talking of how mental exercise created by neuroscientists, assist-people’s brains to increase there skills in areas like attention, speed, and memory,  if they regularly play brain games.  If you know which company to choose brain games Read More

Online Support Groups, Post 1

     Have you noticed online how many support groups there truly are for different categories of people? Did you know that MOST are free?  Did you know there not all support focused either?  Do you know where they mostly can be found? Which ones are best? And the differences between them? This post will Read More

Your An Aspie!?

Female’s with what was formerly classified as Asperger’s Syndrome (Now known by many as ASD), are far harder to diagnose due to our differences from male Aspies.  Far more males are diagnosed then women, because the women often seam more normal, and sometimes, less challenged.   It is a known fact all men and women Read More


    De-toxing doesn’t always require fasting from food. Did you know that? If you did. I’m very impressed! Do you know what else de-toxing is?   And do you really know what ALL toxins are?       De-toxing means eliminating (Even if only temporarily) anything harmful from your life.   Whether that is an Read More

My blogs, and posts. Last paragraph edited.

NT’s are neuro typicals. Or your average normal brained thinker. Not a high functioning disabled individual with intellectual differences.      In reply to some post comments that I deleted today on here. Here are my replies, to the parts I choose to share. I’m not completely posting this for the people who commented who, Read More

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