Processed Foods

     If all processed foods are bad for us then,  I make toxic food choices weekly. Do you think I would do something like that!?  A popular blogger, with numerous food intolerances, who advocates for healthy food intake?  Not a chance.! So, what’s up with eating processed foods? You might ask.   It’s pretty Read More

Site Navigation, and Organization

Good morning!  Do you know I have written more on this blog, but can’t find it? Remember, a specific title of a post on this blog, but, don’t see it? And you want to review that specific post?  If you need the answers to these questions, then your reading the correct post. So, let’s break Read More

Robin William’s Differences, Summarized

     Do you believe he was bipolar? I haven’t found anywhere that says it was ever officially diagnosed, however, frequent depression, especially on and off can come from different causes.  Speculation isn’t enough for me, unless I see clear actions he’s done or been seen doing whatever, buy a reliable source, proving the traits, Read More

Women’s GF Summit

On September 8-15th, the Women’s GF Health Summit will be underway. It’s ideal for women, at or between the ages of  35-55, who are actively working towards, their best health and well being.  Or they need support maintaining it. If you fit this description, .please sign up here. It’s completely free, and completely online.    UPDATE, it’s the Read More

Online Conference Basics

Not sure what’s up with all of these Online Conferences? Why there’s so many? And why you should care? Or even details of why there held and the uniform formatting of them?   Then your at the right post.! Online Conferences can be great for a number of reasons. They also follow similar formats. So, Read More

Update- content type

Now, that I truly see a far larger number of communities, with challenges that I can easily address on both blogs. I’ve decided to somewhat expand the scope of this blog. To fit the variety of those communities. Also seeing a far larger visitor base then subscriber base. Unless I hear advice I’m willing to Read More

New “GF” FDA ruling

On August 5th, 2014, the FDA put into affect a new ruling for packaged (Mostly processed foods) GF, foods sold in all groceries, and to some restaurants. Finally the US’s FDA, is starting to take the needs of those with Celiac’s and GI (Gluten Intolerance) more seriously. Despite there claim of this just being for Read More

Subscription Setup- Updated

Currently I have no subscription lists. If and when this changes, I’ll let you all know somewhere on my blog. ¬†Until then, know my sensory blog this was true for,/ the intention of this, and near to reality for this blog, was there to. This blog will have a subscription community, via the same method Read More

1 of our own, died yesterday.

Yesterday, at 12:02 pm in Robin Williams home, which is in Tiburon, CA. The paramedics, announce him dead. The cause is currently stated as a possible suicide via the article I just read. Which you can check out here, Although, I’m deeply saddened by this, and wasn’t expecting it. I certainly, am not surprised. Read More