The Detox Summit, August 4th-11

Do you have an autoimmune disorder?    Cardiovascular disease? Thyroid problems?  are you overweight? Have Diabetes? ADD, or ADHD?  or perhaps, do you care for someone who does have any of these issues?  Or maybe you work as a traditional professional especially with any of these types of patients. I’m NOT saying no one else will Read More

“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, intro.

The shows used in this series of posts, I’m about to share ARE SO POPULAR, it’s been replicated in at least 8 other countries.! It’s called, “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”. The show is about finding your life partner, for the star, Bachelor or Bachelorette highlighted that season. Sometimes the bachelor or bachelorette came from Read More

Neurology NOW

Do you have any neurological condition? Or perhaps, a loved one, or close friend does. Some neurological conditions, are the following, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, autism, Dyslexia, NV LD, vaso vagul syncope, brain tumors, stroke, Parkinson’s, Dysgraphia, Tourette’s, epilepsy, and there are many more. Did you know there’s a FREE magazine for people with these Read More

My Other Blog and UPDATES

I’ll mix this into likely atleast 1 other post later. But for now. Check it out here.   You can rest assured I know allot about sensory/ chemical issues, and solutions.   But, enough about that, here. Also, right now my subscription sign up option doesn’t work any longer, or is non existent, for both Read More

Free Functional Health Summit-

I debated on of I should share this here. I have heard some of the speakers.   And the ones, I have. Are good to great! Depending on the professional and the connection they have with the given topic given. And although this site is obviously made for a possibly wider audience with more NT’s , Read More

Who Are You?

I know about TONS of different types of disabilities/ challenges. Not just my 21 diagnoses. I know what I have in store for you all, somewhat. But, I really want some feedback on who you are. It can possibly help mold the content hear somewhat/ via my subscriber list. So, please comment and share who Read More

Free Eating Psychology Conference ,

This is big. I mean REALLY big! So, big, and successful there first round at the beginning of the year, that this expert academy, decided to add a second online conference this year. And I’m glad, cause unfortunately, I missed the first. This coming week, I’ll be getting it’s interview schedule with the other early Read More