10 ASD Inspirations showcased via this video.

  The person they ranked as first I think buy far could be the most interesting. He also helps show how greatly we follow the saying if you’ve met 1 person with ASD, you’ve met 1 person with ASD. Don’t you agree? And do you KNOW how well he’s doing for himself these days? 

   For more about him, 1 thing you can do, is check my sensorysolutions1.com blog. 

   But, to see the true range of those on the spectrum. To see for yourself why Autistics shouldn’t be  cured. Or to find your own hero perhaps. Check out the utube video called,  Top 10 Famous people with Autism.  Regardless of if you agree that these trully are the top 10 Autistics ever or not. I’m sure you will see how they all could be inspiring to many people. Agree? 



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